PCWH 4.0

Develop and debug built-in programs for microcontrollers

Create embedded applications for Microchip PIC®MCUs and dsPIC® DSCs. Access the templates for program development or create new setups from scratch. Control and test all functions and service parameters, manage multiple projects. Check the results with the real-time debugger.

The PCWH compiler supports the Microchip PIC® PIC10, PIC12, PIC16, and PIC18 MCU families
CCS provides a complete, integrated tool suite for developing and debugging embedded applications running on Microchip PIC®MCUs and dsPIC® DSCs. This suite includes an IDE for project management, a context sensitive C aware editor, build tools and real time debugger...helping developers create, analyze, debug and document project code.
The CCS IDE allows developers to manage every aspect of their embedded software development, from code creation through device programming. External programs can be invoked from the IDE, simplifying integration with other programmers and debuggers.

The heart of this development tool suite is the CCS intelligent code optimizing C compiler, which frees developers to concentrate on design functionality instead of having to become an MCU architecture expert. Maximize code reuse by easily porting from one MCU to another. Minimize lines of new code with CCS provided peripheral drivers, built-in functions and standard C operators. Built in libraries are specific to PIC® MCU registers, allowing access to hardware features directly from C.

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